The tracks on this site are free-to-download MP3 files which together comprise the Yakometties’ virtual album COOLER THAN THIS, COOLER THAN THAT, recorded between 1985 and 1989, mainly in studios in Bristol and Bath, particularly SAM Studio, with Mark ‘Sooty’ Byrne. Artwork for the CD and jewel box can also be downloaded.

The Yakometties’ original line-up was BEEF (guitar), COLIN ‘DOG’ GARDINER (bass), RICH MUNDAY (keyboards), PAUL DOWDING (drums) and SIMON FRASER (vocals) coming together in 1984, playing and winning the Bath Rock Contest on their debut performance. They performed regularly in Bristol and Bath and occasionally further afield. Two records were released on the Zeds label: the 12” single DANCE MUSIC in 1985 and 7” THE ONE AND ONLY in 1986.

By 1987, the line-up had evolved, via drummer NIGEL PRICE and guitarist ALAN KEEN, to FRASER plus ROB ALLEN (guitar), MIKE PARK (bass), STEVE CRANE (drums), TREVOR FRANCIS (percussion), JACKIE FIONDA (trumpet) and KAREN KEEN (alto sax).

The final incarnation (under the name YAK) in 1989 was BEEF, FRASER, PARK, CRANE and FRANCIS. They contributed one track - HEAD-COUNT - to the Airspace benefit album, 1989.

The musicians heard on these tracks are:

BEEF (guitar), ROB ALLEN (guitar)
RICH MUNDAY (keyboards, b. vocs)
TREVOR FRANCIS (percussion, b. vocs)
SIMON FRASER (vocals, keyboards)
JACKIE FIONDA (trumpet), MALCOLM HARDY (trumpet)
KAREN KEEN (alto sax), JEFF GOODHILL (alto sax)
PETE WATSON (violin)
LUCY WYATT (vocals), RONNIE SMITH (vocals)

Produced variously by Paul Dowding, Beef, Sooty, Pete Brown & Ian Lynn, Simon Fraser

and then...

YAX is the project band that picked up the baton and ran with it.

The Yax virtual album BIGHEAD (free to download MP3 tracks plus artwork) gathers up the tracks recorded over the years since the final live performance in Bristol by the Yakometties.

PETE BROWN (whose daughter, the opera singer JESSICA WALKER, sings on TALKING SUZIE OUTA SUICIDE) produced a session in Stoke-on-Trent with BEEF, SIMON, ANDI CAYNE (bass) and EDDIE JOHN (drums), joined by JOHNNY DICE of the Surfing Brides (harmonica) and former Mock Turtle MARTIN GLYN MURRAY (lead guitar), who also plays on, and co-wrote with Simon, HOME AND DRY.

Other tracks revisit/remix Yakometties demo recordings - BIGHEAD, THESE DONKEYS YEARS and RETURN OF THE YAX (all originally recorded at Sam Studio, in Bristol) while the theme music for the live soap opera Alma Road was constructed with samples from the Yakometties' first single Dance Music.

Musicians on these tracks are:

SIMON FRASER (vocals, keyboards, percussion, guitar)
BEEF (guitars, keyboards, bass), MARTIN GLYN MURRAY (guitars)
ROB ALLEN (guitar), ANDI CAYNE (bass), COLIN ‘DOG’ GARDINER (bass)
EDDIE JOHN (drums), STEVE CRANE (drums), TREVOR FRANCIS (percussion)
JACKIE FIONDA (trumpet), KAREN KEEN (alto sax)
JOHNNY DICE (harmonica), RODRIGO VITERBO (didgeridoo)
DEBBIE MILTON (b. vocals), JESSICA WALKER (b. vocals)
RONNIE SMITH (b. vocals), MILO FRASER (b. vocals)

Produced variously by Pete Brown and Pete Kerr, Beef, Simon Fraser

These days...

Colin ‘Dog’ Gardiner directs and edits films and commercials with his own company, HAPPY HOUR
Paul Dowding is the Managing Director of his own training and development company PAUL DOWDING TRAINING
Beef runs his own printing company BPS
Simon Fraser works in and around theatre
Trevor Francis can regularly be heard giving it large on BBC Radio 5 Live (especially on ‘606’)
Rob Allen is still playing guitar and writing songs, these days with JEBO